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Zimmer® Screw Vent® compatible abutments

In our catalogue you can find prosthetics compatible with Zimmer® Screw Vent®.

Some of the abutments compatible with Zimmer® Screw Vent® dental implants in our e-commerce:

- Zimmer® Screw Vent® compatible laboratory analogue

- Zimmer® Screw Vent® implant compatible screws

- Zimmer® Screw Vent® implant-compatible abutments

- Premilled compatible with Zimmer® Screw Vent® implant house

Zimmer® Screw Vent® Implants

Zimmer® Biomet has been based in Warsaw since its foundation in 1927. Zimmer® acquired Biomet in the first half of 2015.

Today, Zimmer® Biomet is present in many countries around the world.

The Screw Vent® connection is perhaps the connection most cloned by compatible abutment manufacturers.

This connection has the special feature of the "Friction Fit", i.e., the hexagonal prism is not parallel but slightly truncated conical at 2.3° this for the stability of the single-unit prosthesis. The user of this system has an extractor for removing the abutment or crown directly screwed onto the implant.

The company also produces other types of connection such as the Swiss Plus copy of Straumann®'s famous Tissue Level.

Zimmer® remains number one in the world for other multiple applications in the field of medicine, such as bone prosthetics, robotics, diagnostics, etc.

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