Neodent® GM

Neodent® GM

Compatible Implant:
Neodent® GM

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Neodent® GM compatible implant components

In our catalogue you can find prosthetics compatible with Neodent® GM.

Some of the abutments compatible with Neodent® GM dental implants in our e-commerce:

- Microlock overdenture attachments compatible with the Neodent® GM implant

- Neodent® GM compatible laboratory analogue

- Screws compatible with Neodent® GM implant

- T-base compatible with Neodent® GM implants

- Premilled compatible with Neodent® GM implant

Neodent® GM implants

The Grand Morse implant system represents over 20 years of experience in implant dentistry and experience shared with many specialists, especially in the South America-Brazil area.

Acquired by Straumann® in 2012 and disseminated globally, it continues to pursue the unique goal of always offering quality treatment options.

First with the CM (Cone Morse) system, then with the GM (Grand Morse) implant system, it represents the evolution of Neodent®.

A single connection for all implant diameters reduces the number of prosthetic components to be used.

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