Scan marker

Scan marker

Scan abutment compatible
Microimp produces 3 types of scan marker
– Universal Peek Scan Marker (Normal Scan)
Fits all Microimp production T-Bases and together with its T-Base can be used for CAD construction of any artefact.
– Metal Scan Marker (Sandblasted Ergal) (Esa Scan)
Screws directly onto the analogue for more accurate scanning and fitting in the CAD environment, for both assembled and directly milled parts. Each Scan Marker has tested and controlled tolerances of +/- 6 μ.
– Intraoral Scan Marker (Ceramic Peek)
Screws directly onto the implant or analogue, recommended for intra-oral scanning. The screw is imprisoned in the implant itself, the material does not require an opacifier spray and is sterilisable. It requires the specific driver for use.

Choose Scan marker compatible with Implant connection:

Alpha Bio®Ankilos®Anthogyr®Astra Tech EV®Astra Tech Osseo Speed™BIOMET 3I® CERTAIN®BIOMET 3I® EXTBioHorizons®Bredent Copa®Bredent Sky®Camlog ISY®Camlog®Conelog®Frialit® Xive®JD® EvolutionJD® Evolution PlusJD® ICONLeader Italia® Implus Cylindrical (Internal Hex)Leone®M.U.A. StardardMIS® C1Megagen® AnyOne®Megagen® AnyRidge®Mis® SevenNeodent® GMNeoss®Nobel Biocare Replace®Nobel Biocare® Active CCOne Time ConnectionOsstem®Phibo® Aurea EvoStraumann® BLXStraumann® Bone Level®Straumann® TLXStraumann® Tissue Level®Sweden&Martina® CSR®Sweden&Martina® Kohno One®Sweden&Martina® Premium Kohno®Thommen®Winsix®Zimmer® Screw Vent®

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