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BioHorizonS® dental implants

Founded in 1994, BioHorizons is one of the largest dental implant companies in the world.

The BioHorizons Internal connection is similar to the Zimmer®® Screw Vent® connection with diameters 3.5-4.5, but differs in the screw pitch (M pitch) from the Zimmer® UNF pitch. The connection is not friction-fit, as compared to Zimmer® it does not require the extractor to remove the artefact from the implant.

Today, BioHorizons® has been acquired by Camlog.

BioHorizons® Compatibles

In our catalogue you can find prosthetics compatible with BioHorizons®.

Some of the abutments compatible with BioHorizons® dental implants:

- BioHorizons® compatible laboratory analogue

- BioHorizons® implant compatible screws

- Abutments compatible with BioHorizons® implants

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