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MC LINE - Mis C1®

MIS® C1 Implants

Thanks to its specially designed final C1 implant geometry, the C1 implant offers unique Dual Mechanical Stability (DSM). DSM combines the benefits of primary mechanical stability with secondary biological stability.

The secondary stability mechanism is achieved through differential drilling, which forms specially designed 'compartments' between the implant thread, in the apical part, and one-third of the implant body.

Its connection is also compatible for the V3® SP line.

Abutments and abutments compatible with MIS® C1

In our catalogue you can find prosthetics compatible with MIS® C1.

Some of the abutments compatible with MIS® C1 dental implants in our e-commerce:

- MIS® C1 implant-compatible microlock overdenture attachments

- MIS® C1 compatible laboratory analogue

- Screws compatible with MIS® C1 implant house

- T-base compatible with MIS® C1 implants

- Premilled compatible with MIS® C1 implant house

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