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WS LINE - WinSix®

Winsix® compatible abutments

In our catalogue you can find Winsix® compatible prosthetics.

Some of the abutments compatible with Winsix® dental implants in our e-commerce:

- Winsix® compatible laboratory analogue

- Screws compatible with the Winsix® implant house

- Abutments compatible with Winsix® implants

- Premilled compatible with Winsix® implant house

Winsix® Implants

The WinSix® implant came onto the market in 1995 and was later acquired by Biosafin® with a production facility in Milan. It is an in-house connection, still with the same concept apart from its diameters for different types of installations.

In addition to the classic WinSix® line, the company produces other types of connection, for example, the TTX external hexagon line, the classic hexagon ø 2.7 height 0.7 mm in 5 diameter variants.

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