Equipment for dental milling machines

Equipment for dental milling machines

Premilled and Milling Equipment (Hybrid 3D)
It consists of a bracket that is installed and tested by specialised personnel at the customer’s site in order to mill. The Premilled Microimp range in both titanium and chrome cobalt with the CAM that the user has (Hyperdent or Mill Box).
On the other hand, the bracket for Hybrid 3D can be used to mill or rectify implant connections made using the additive laser melting technique, in conjunction with a CAM ( Hyperdent).
Microimp uses a proprietary software (Blender For Dental) for the rectification of all implant connections from an artefact made using the additive technique.
This system is offered as an all-inclusive solution (equipment-software-installation and course).
All equipment before being sent to the end customer is checked against the appropriate tolerances.

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