Megagen® AnyRidge®

Megagen® AnyRidge®

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Megagen® AnyRidge®

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Megagen® AnyRidge® compatible abutments

In our catalogue you can find prosthetics compatible with Megagen® AnyRidge®.

Some of the abutments compatible with Megagen® AnyRidge® dental implants in our e-commerce:

- Megagen® AnyRidge® implant-compatible Microlock overdenture attachments

- Megagen® AnyRidge® compatible laboratory analogue

- Scan Marker compatible with Megagen® AnyRidge® implant house

- T-base compatible with Megagen® AnyRidge® implants

- Premilled compatible with Megagen® AnyRidge® implant house

Megagen® AnyRidge® Implants

Megagen Co.Ltd., a Korean company founded in 2002, introduces the AnyRidge® implant morse taper connection.

Perhaps the most representative implant of this implant company. AnyRidge® is an implant with a distinctly conical shape and a fairly aggressive, wide and thin spiral. This 5° conical and parallel prismatic connection creates a firm connection between abutment and implant.

Megagen exports its products to over 90 countries. Only one prosthetic connection is used for all implant diameters.

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