Scan screw

Scan screw

The Scan Screw® offers a solution for all prosthetic treatments.
Its design is based in order to be able to detect the quantity and depth of the residual transmucosal line, which is often difficult to read from intraoral scans on classic and silicone impressions.
The range of Scan Screw® scan markers is usable for all implant manufacturers and in their diameters, they have a height of 5 mm with the availability of 5 diameters (4.1-4.5-5.5-6.5-8.0), from the smallest ø 4.1 (e.g. suitable for lower incisors) to ø 8.0 (e.g. suitable for molars).
Machined in medical ceramic Peek and grade 5 titanium. Thanks to the peculiarity of the Peek surface, it can be easily scanned with an intraoral and/or laboratory scanner.
All Scan Screw® scan markers have their own (trapped) screw inside.
With this scan marker and the aid of a CAD, we can detect the shape and depth of the transgingival path, essential data for the construction of prostheses on implants, giving the modeled an anatomy corresponding to the tooth to be prostheticised.
The Scan Screw® for connected prostheses (multi-implants), compared to the Scan Screw® for single crowns, is in gr.5 Titanium like any protection screw of the MUA (Multi Unit Abutment), only the head is treated in order to make easy to read from any scanner, both intraoral and laboratory. This Scan marker is available in 2 diameters ø 5.5 and ø 6.5 with a height of 5 mm.
At the discretion of the prosthetist, the Scan Screw® scan marker can be left in situ in order to heal the surrounding tissues.

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