Sectionable T-Base

Sectionable T-Base

Sectionable T-Base in titanium, rotational and non-rotational

Microimp produces compatible sectionable T-Bases, suitable for various solutions for the creation of prostheses retained or retained by implants.
– Sectionable compatible T-Base in Titanium with gold colored surface treatment,
it is assembled by means of glue to articles made of Zirconium, Lithium Disilicate, PMMA, Peek. This 9 mm long T-Base, with the help of a template, can be cut to both 6 mm and 4 mm, to adapt to the needs of the moment for the height of this device that can be used. At CAD we can choose the 3 heights and non-rotational or rotational engagement.

The fastening screw, faithful to the original, is always supplied together with the compatible sectionable T-Bases. The scanning of the sectionable T-Base can also take place with a single scanbody, which adapts to all the compatible sectionable T-Bases that Microimp currently produces. The same scan marker or scan body can also be used for intraoral scanning.

Choose Sectionable T-Base compatible with Implant connection:

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