Frialit® Xive®

Frialit® Xive®

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Frialit® Xive®

FR LINE – Frialit®-Xive®

Abutments  compatible with Frialit® Xive®.

In our catalogue you can find abutments compatible with Frialit® Xive®.

Some of the abutments compatible with Frialit® Xive® dental implants in our e-commerce:

- Frialit® Xive® implant compatible microlock attachments

- Frialit® Xive® compatible laboratory analogue

- Screws compatible with the Frialit® Xive® implant house

- Abutments compatible with Frialit® Xive® implants

- Premilled compatible with Frialit® Xive® implant house

Frialit® Xive® Implants

Frialit was founded in 1987 and later acquired the Xive® line. Frialit® Xive® implants became famous in Italy due to the use and research of Dr. Scipioni -Bruschi-Calesini, who focused their bone distraction technique using this brand of implants.

It was then incorporated into the Dentsply® group, which still markets it today.

Its connection is of the Flat to Flat internal hexagonal type with 4 diameters.

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