Bredent Copa®

Bredent Copa®

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Bredent Copa®

CP LINE - Bredent COPA®

Bredent COPA® implants

Bredent introduces the COPA® system.

Characterised by a single Torx connection geometry for all implant diameters, reducing the number of prosthetic components.

It is suitable for subcrestal insertion situations due to its dual Conical - Parallel connection.

Bredent COPA® implant compatible prosthetics

In our catalogue you can find abutments compatible with the Bredent COPA® brand.

Some of the abutments compatible with Bredent COPA® dental implants:

- Bredent COPA® compatible laboratory analogue

- T-base compatible with Bredent COPA® implant house

- Premilled compatible with Bredent COPA® implants 

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